Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Millennials Nod to Traditional - Not Just New - Media

Millennials (ages 18-24) have a charmed affinity for traditional media, such as print publications and television.

Almost 6 in 10 (58 percent) say they use magazines to find out what's cool in terms of clothes, cars and music, according to a study released earlier this year, writes MarketingCharts. Moreover, almost three-quarters (71 percent) of Millennials say they enjoy reading print magazines even though they know they could find most of the same information online.

Deloitte's "2007 State of the Media Democracy" survey, conducted by Harrison Group, also found that when Millennials find something they like, they broadcast it, and do so effectively:

  • The Millennials surveyed maintain large IM and texting lists that average 37 people, compared with the average of 17 for all those surveyed.
  • And when they find a particular television show or website that they enjoy, they tell an average of 18 people, compared with only 10 people for all age groups.

According to the survey, word of mouth is the most common reason for Millennials to visit a website, followed by an ad on TV; almost half (48 percent) visit TV websites in a typical week.

The survey confirmed the growing popularity of user-generated content; Millennials in the survey spend about equal amounts of time consuming user-generated content and commercially produced content online:

  • A large proportion of Millennials (58 percent) create personal content in a typical week, and an even greater proportion (71 percent) regularly consume it.

  • But user-generated content is not just for kids - there is a "trickle up" effect, and the older generations are creating and consuming personal content as well: over a third of Matures (current age 61-75) - 36 percent - report that they regularly consume user-generated content.
MarketingCharts provides other highlights of the survey's findings.

Source: MarktingVOX


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