Monday, February 27, 2006

Cheap Dates Takes On a New Meaning

A January 2006 JupiterResearch consumer survey found that 5% of Internet users paid for online dating subscriptions in the last year, down slightly from 6% in 2005. Industry-wide user conversion rates fell for the first time since JupiterResearch began tracking that metric.

According to an "Online Dating" report by JupiterResearch Analyst Nate Elliott, industry growth in the last twelve months has been driven by higher monthly fees rather than an increasing number of subscribers.

Elliott said "...thirty seven percent of visitors who don't convert say dating sites cost too much, making it their leading complaint. Only one-third of Internet users who went to dating sites in the last year became paying subscribers."

The JupiterResearch report also concludes that social networking sites pose little threat to the online dating industry. Just 14% of dating site visitors who don't pay for subscriptions say they use free sites, like social networks, for online dating instead.

Revenue Growth for Online Personals Web Sites (% increase year to year)

Year Growth
2002 73%
2003 77%
2004 19%
2005 9 %
Source: JupiterResearch

Top Online Dating Sites US At-Home, At-Work and University Internet Users (x000 Unique Visitors)

Site: December 2004 / December 2005
Yahoo! Personals: 25,816 / 24,041 sites: 4,430 / 3,604
Spark Networks: 3,888 / 2,832 1,531 / 1,956 390 / 1,782

Article from: The Center for Media Research

Information Source: comScore MediaMetrix, January 2006


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