Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Survey: Online Marketers Not Yet into Emerging Media


Although some marketers have expressed interest in new web channels such as social networks and videogames, most don't plan to use them in the next year, according to a Forrester Research survey of 253 interactive marketers, reports AdWeek (via MediaBuyerPlanner). Marketers are apparently reluctant to shift from more familiar online channels such as search and email.

Some 72 percent of marketers said they don't have plans to advertise in videogames in the next year, and 57 percent said they wouldn't use mobile advertising in the next year. Only 13 percent reported using blogs or social networks in their marketing efforts, and 49 percent said they don't plan to do so during the next year.

"There's curiosity but not a lot of activity," said Shar VanBoskirk, a Forrester analyst. For the moment, marketers are "not ready or don't have the resources or haven't thought through how it works for their business," she said.

Nearly three of four marketers said they either use or plan to try behavioral targeting in the next year, and 69 percent said the same for contextual targeting.


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